Traveling Journalist: A Monk to Guardian story

Mystical Sparkle is ready to become a Guardian of Tyria

LION’S ARCH — The cold wind of the Far Shiverpeaks pierce my charr pelt, I’m not meant for this frigid weather. Mountains to the left and right; you get a sense of claustrophobia — it seems like the mountains are always getting closer and closer. Only the brave venture this far north (this journalist was lucky to hitch a ride with some traveling heroes), the path is laced with Ice Imps, Tengu and Snow Wurms (just to name a few) that will attack without thought or reason. The bitter cold chills my bones but I travel this far north to talk to a Monk that is willing to sit down with me and discuss some new events in Tyria. Prophets have foretold that Monks, as we know them, will have to pick up armor, forgo their traditional cloth robes, and prepare to fight along side their Warrior brethren — the destruction that is to come to our land will need everyone to fight. Read more of this post


Two currencies: The pay-for-play killer

Is Zynga on to  something with their games?

If you have ever played Farmville, Mafia Wars, Frontierville or any of the company’s games on Facebook you will notice they all have two currencies.

There is the “natural” currency — the one that you gain by just playing through the game naturally — and another that you can  purchase with a credit card or by PayPal — the “purchased” currency.

With the “purchased” currency, in the majority of these games, you can gain high-end items really easily or even buy unique items that are otherwise not available to the “natural” currency. This could be the pay-for-play killer.

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League of Legends: Jax

It’s been exactly a week since I posted my Fiddlesticks Guild for the MMO League of Legends. Let me tell you, I’m shocked with all the search engine attention it has been receiving. The post is actually on page 2 of a “League of Legends Fiddlesticks” search on Google. I want to thank every single one of you for clicking on a That Short Guy link. I’m always going to back to old posts and adding new information so check back often.


League of Legends Champion: Jax

For the latest free Champion rotation, I tried to use Annie; however, I wanted to play a tank Champion. A character that could dish out damage but stay in the thick of things. Unlike Annie and Fiddlesticks, Jax The Grandmaster at Arms can stay in the fight and take quiet a bit of damage before he has to vamoose.

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League of Legends: Fiddlesticks

OUTDATED: There have been patches since this guide was written, so items and abilities may not be the same in the game. Head over to for more recent guides.

League of Legends. Choose your Champion, Summoner.

Summon him, and with four other allied Champions destroy the other team’s Nexus on the Fields of Justice.

Last week’s Champion rotation included the character I had the most fun playing since joining the free DotA game (it could also be called an MMORPG).

The name of the game is simple.You have to kill the other team’s Nexus, which is at the back of their base and surrounded by towers (that hit hard) and other Champions that probably don’t like you beating on it.

Each Champion has a different set of abilities and can be built different ways through items. That’s the beauty of League of Legends, every Champion can be played differently (albeit there are still cookie-cutter builds).

You build your Champion through items in-game. It’s like the Counter-Strike buy menu where you can only purchase  in your base. You gain gold by killing enemy minions, neutral creatures and the opposing team’s Champions (which is where the big money is at)

My only pet peeve with this game would be how this screen works. A brand new player would not know what any of these items would do, so they would be sitting on the buy screen reading what-does-what while their team is getting beat on by all five of the ememy champions. Lucky enough, there are guides like this one around the web, also the League of Legends Wiki.

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