Go clubbing? When?! I need to learn how to dance!

I can’t dance. I asked a friend of mine to show me some of his moves. This is what I got.


ThatShortGuy Invades YouTube

YouTube logo  courtsy of christmastree.orgWell, this post is late.

I’ve got myself into posting videos on YouTube. I’ve already done a whooping three (yes, you read that right – 3) videos!

There is a problem. My videos suck.

Maybe I’m just a boring person and no one wants to watch me talk about my brand plan, hockey or anything. Maybe my voice is not camera friendly. Maybe people just hate me.

Maybe I need more video effects.

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YouTube Creeping

I love YouTube. YouTube makes me laugh. I love to laugh.

YouTube creeping for crazy, weird, unique, inspiring videos is fun to do a few days a week, but I did not think of sharing the videos I come across. I posted three videos on my Facebook page, last week, and was glad to see people enjoyed them too. I thought I would share the next batch of my findings with a broader audience (ha!), and post them on my blog.

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Even T.V. Uses Social Media

For my current events presentation (for my social media class), I choose to demonstrate how our local T.V. stations are using social media to get viewers’ attention.


LocalTVMatters.ca uses the help of a blog to tell visitors the facts in the thier plea to the CRTC to gain a fair value for providing access to local television programming.”

The main use of socal media LocalTVMatters uses is YouTube videos. From a place to allow people to watch thier T.V. commercials agian, to thier main attraction of  another Dave Carroll hit. The ‘United Breaks Guiatars’ singer brings us The Cable Song: