Annoying DMs

Lately I have been following a lot of “content” people on Twitter. By that I mean they want to be a source of information; a “go-to” person for a certain subject. In my case it would be games. These accounts usually have numerous followers already — we’re talking over 500 here — so the direct message may not be bothering anybody.

It bothers me. Why is an automated direct message viable when the account receives a new follower? It’s not like it’s personal, I can very well tell it’s automated. I wish I kept a few of these DMs to give an example, but I deleted them all out of spite.

The DMs I’m talking about usually thank the new friend for following the account and then spam their web site. Nine times out of 10 you are following these accounts from the web site itself, so why do they feel the need to annoy users with it some more?

What do you think? Are you one of these Twitter accounts that auto-DM new followers? Why do you do it?


WARNING: New Twitter Bug *FIXED*

Stay away from if you have the New Twitter.

A bug has been found that can make you run JavaScript if you move your mouse over a tweet. The “OnMouseOver”  HTML event has been enabled in the New Twitter, which means someone can make your tweets a different colour or post giant letters across your screen. Even worse it can make you retweet or tweet without your knowledge.

The old Twitter and third-party applications are not affected.

EDIT: Twitter is now looking into the flaw. Should be good to go soon.

EDIT 2: It should now be safe to use again.

EDIT 3: Here is a blog post from Twitter addressing the OnMouseOver exploit.

Twitter Tip: Leaving the boring tweets behind

I had an idea when I saw Mashable’s #twittertip contest.

In their contest you can win a copy of Twitter for Dummies for the best tip on using Twitter. Easy enough, I thought, and a few generic ideas came to the top of my head. I quickly tweeted the one I thought that was the best.

As I closed the lid to my netbook, my brother’s friend claimed she hated Twitter because all she reads is “going to the store now” and then 10 minutes later; “at the store and bought eggs” from her Twitter buds. Really boring and plain — who cares?.

She went on to admit she didn’t know what to tweet herself. She said that she’s not a celebrity; that answering Twitter’s “what are you doing?” question would just be routine stuff — at the store, at home watching TV, harassing the kitten.

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