Social Search brought to you by Bing

So the news rolled out today that Facebook and Bing have joined forced to socialize search results. Some of the features sound really cool.

The Features

Basically Bing is taking advantage of the 2 million plus web sites using the “Like” button.

If a friend has “liked” a link that is relevant to your search terms it will appear at the top of the results. Makes sense to me, since I would trust that web site my buddy “liked” to contain the information I wanted. Or at least close to it, can never trust them to much.

The next feature brings everyone on Facebook on to Bing. Scary? Maybe, but it’s nothing more than like searching for friends on Facebook, but now on Bing with an enhancement. Now if you search for someone, Bing will place someone who has that name (or someone similar) with mutual friends higher on the results list. Sounds creepy but what about social media isn’t?

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