Getting into the PR Biz

I’ve been searching for a new job recently and none of the retailers in my area are hiring at the moment. At one point when I was handing in a resume to an employee at EB Games (for the millionth time) I tried to push for an interview. I told the manager that I plan on getting into the Public Relations department after receiving my diploma in another year; meaning I intend to stay with EB Games for as long as possible. He didn’t seem to impressed, in fact he told me to not even bother applying. He said to me to just try for the head office anyway. Was he trying to just brush me off? EB Games is probably based in the United States, so not something I can do when I still have school. Whatever his intentions were, it got me thinking of PR related jobs instead of retail (which I enjoy, but not what I want to do forever). Read more of this post


Traveling Journalist: A Monk to Guardian story

Mystical Sparkle is ready to become a Guardian of Tyria

LION’S ARCH — The cold wind of the Far Shiverpeaks pierce my charr pelt, I’m not meant for this frigid weather. Mountains to the left and right; you get a sense of claustrophobia — it seems like the mountains are always getting closer and closer. Only the brave venture this far north (this journalist was lucky to hitch a ride with some traveling heroes), the path is laced with Ice Imps, Tengu and Snow Wurms (just to name a few) that will attack without thought or reason. The bitter cold chills my bones but I travel this far north to talk to a Monk that is willing to sit down with me and discuss some new events in Tyria. Prophets have foretold that Monks, as we know them, will have to pick up armor, forgo their traditional cloth robes, and prepare to fight along side their Warrior brethren — the destruction that is to come to our land will need everyone to fight. Read more of this post

Top 5 Call of Duty: Black Ops Opinions

Call of Duty: Black Ops has been out for a little over two months now and I haven’t given my opinion on the game. I’d like to end that. I’ve found my home in Hardcore Free-For-All and the game-play opinions are based around that game-mode. Free-For-All in Black Ops is just really fun since you don’t have  worry about team mates — whatever moves, shoot it. The game-mode really improves your reflexes since hip-firing is common too. I like the fact that I can run around and shoot and not sit behind a box for half the game. (Don’t get me started on campers in Hardcore Free-For-All).

Anyway, without further ado, my take on Call of Duty: Black Ops Read more of this post

Loosing Screen Caps from Games Is Like Loosing a Memory

So I’m just sitting here watching Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones and my mind started wondering a few moments ago. I wish I still had my screen captures of my early days in Guild Wars.

My computer has had issues during the last five years and and formating my hard drive let’s me get a fresh new area to destroy. I remember having screen caps picturing the old UI to my first time in the Hall of Heros, as well as my first time in The Vault — “gold water!”

Screen caps carry a lot of memories, from my early days in Cult of the Frog, to Neo Dreamers and finally to the guild I stayed with the last few years, Inyurface Gaming. Sigh.

So I did a bit of snooping around and I came across my very first post on, which is perfect because it tells the story behind my very first Guild Wars character.

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Is your living room ready for the Kinect?

How Much Space You Need

Thanks to James Alvarez (@ObscureGents) for posting this to  my fan page on Facebook:

“Single player is 6 ft. While 2 player is 8 ft. Mounting your sensor above your TV helps as well but the mount comes separate for $14.99 [USD]”

I’ll update this post as more requirement information rolls out about the Kinect. If you believe people should know about something before the purchase the Kinect, leave a comment below!

Top 3 Reasons Why You SHOULD Play Video Games

So the 2010 mid-term elections are done in the United States and the proposed bill to make it illegal to sell “violent” video games didn’t pass. It’s surprising how many people think video games are the scum of the Earth. A debate speech I have to present in school would be a good post to correct this weird mind set.

How many of you played a game on Facebook? Your iPhone? or your computer? We are all gamers in one way or another. If you haven’t done any of those, I encourage you to keep reading why you SHOULD play video games.

You play these games to entertain yourself for half an hour or so. You end up loosing yourself in a world where the impossible exist – in Farmville on Facebook you own a farm; birds are really pissed at pigs in Angry Birds; and you have a deck of cards that can shuffle and deal itself in solitaire. It’s for fun.

Here are the top 3 reasons you SHOULD play video games:

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Checking-in to games

“Checking-In” has become a very popular social media term. You can use FourSquare to check-in at your favourite restuarant, bar or club; Gomiso to check-in when you’re watching a cool movie or T.V. show; and (just recently) you can use Chirrps to check-in at web sites that you frequently visit. There are probably many more that use the “check-in” term that I don’t know.

Each of these web sites offer awards — or badges — for enough check-ins at one place, show or web site. You can even become the “mayor” of a place on Foursquare, or become a “master of a domain” on Chirrps, if you checked-in at one place more than anyone else.  It starts to become a bit of an addiction when you watch your check-in counter go up and as you unlock new badges. You can also allow these applications to tweet where you have checked-in and add a comment to give your Twitter followers a bit more info on the place you are at (“try the steak, it’s great!”). Of course you can follow people on the web sites, but I haven’t found it very useful . I can just watch Twitter and see if anyone has used the applications.

In the gaming world, the mobile application is next step for developers. ArenaNet recently announced that Guild Wars 2 will have an iPhone, iPad and iPod application to keep in contact with your friends in the game (and do many other interesting things). World of Warcraft already has a mobile app and many other online games do too. Now a days we want to be in the game, even when we can’t. These mobile apps help to fill that niche.

I wonder if “check-ins” can be used for MMORPGs? Or just “check-in” what game you are currently playing?

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