Round 3: #TigerBloodIntern Video

Yours truly has made to into Round 3 for Charlie Sheen’s #TigerBloodIntern.

Round 1 was simple. Just had to enter in my name, email and why I was #winning. I put in something like: “I’ve fallen in love with social media. You need someone with #TigerBlood in them. Let me go on the social prowl for you.” Paraphrased, of course, as I just woke up at the time of writing (how dedicated am I?) and it has been awhile since I first applied. It went something like that anyway.

Round 2 was a resume. I told the intern-pickers from (and even Charlie if he is looking at them) that I attend Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning in Toronto for the Advanced Public Relations Diploma. In that course my class has taken on the Student Appreciation Awards. I’m the one who built the website and integrated the Twitter and Facebook fan page (which I monitored constantly). We have over 60 quality nominations at the time of writing. That’s more than any previous year thanks to having an online nominations form and social media.

Now it’s on to Round 3. From what I’ve read on Twitter, only 250 made it this far out of 82,000. It’s a really big deal, there are people getting featured on the newsNow I need YOUR help. The video is judged on content and potential of community engagement. In other words get, you, my lovely readers; followers and family to get behind me and share, like and retweet my video. Help me go on a crazy (yet fun!) job opportunity with the Warlock, just “like” my video and get me 10,000 views!

Tell me what you think of the video in the comments! Click here to “like” this video on YouTube! If you’re a journalist or just have a question about this process please feel free to email me at [snip]


About Jeff Duff
Social Media Enthusiast, Community Manager Wannabe, builds things on the WWW to awe and amaze.

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