Getting into the PR Biz

I’ve been searching for a new job recently and none of the retailers in my area are hiring at the moment. At one point when I was handing in a resume to an employee at EB Games (for the millionth time) I tried to push for an interview. I told the manager that I plan on getting into the Public Relations department after receiving my diploma in another year; meaning I intend to stay with EB Games for as long as possible. He didn’t seem to impressed, in fact he told me to not even bother applying. He said to me to just try for the head office anyway. Was he trying to just brush me off? EB Games is probably based in the United States, so not something I can do when I still have school. Whatever his intentions were, it got me thinking of PR related jobs instead of retail (which I enjoy, but not what I want to do forever).

Being my brand

I’ve been known as the “gamer” of my classmates since last semester for my presentations on various video game topics. Outside of the classroom, however, I’m just another video game nerd. How do I set myself apart? How do I get that CM job or a social media gig with a game reseller? They only way to get that job is to show video game devs and resellers what I can do for them.

I can be your social gateway

My Klout score is already pretty high and has me pegged as a “conversationalist” (which I believe I am). I love talking about new games and reading up on past games that I enjoyed (Remember The Legend of Zelda? It just turned 25 years old). Using social media is very fun, which is cliché I suppose.
In my Events Planning course at Humber I’ve taken on the responsibility for the social media and the web site for the Student Appreciation Awards (SAA). My job is to get students to nominate a friend or professor for an award. Who really wants to write up some BS on another student when there are assignments due and tests coming up? I’ve got to make it fun and easy.

I’m going to do away with the traditional “follow this account for more information” tweets (boring) and create hype. I’ve become the Ring Leader for the event to have fun with a personality. Wouldn’t you rather talk to a character or interesting personality about an event than watching them spit out “important information” tweets?

Not only is this the first time in Humber history has anyone created an online personality for the SAA but the first time the event is allowing online nominations. WordPress makes this so easy with the cforms II plug-in. That’s great for us, the organizers, but what about the poor busy students that have to write a nomination? To help these unfortunate souls there will be a mock-nomination blog post. Something like the bearded-lady nominating her barber or the strong-man nominating his personal trainer.

**TL;DR  I enjoy using social media to engage an audience. I’m working on increasing my personal brand as a video game enthusiast, blogger and tester. I’ve been working on (I’m developing the web site live, so take a peak and shoot me some feedback) to organize my blog more. Overall, I’m looking to get my feet wet in this business, so hire me. :)**


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Social Media Enthusiast, Community Manager Wannabe, builds things on the WWW to awe and amaze.

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