Traveling Journalist: A Monk to Guardian story

Mystical Sparkle is ready to become a Guardian of Tyria

LION’S ARCH — The cold wind of the Far Shiverpeaks pierce my charr pelt, I’m not meant for this frigid weather. Mountains to the left and right; you get a sense of claustrophobia — it seems like the mountains are always getting closer and closer. Only the brave venture this far north (this journalist was lucky to hitch a ride with some traveling heroes), the path is laced with Ice Imps, Tengu and Snow Wurms (just to name a few) that will attack without thought or reason. The bitter cold chills my bones but I travel this far north to talk to a Monk that is willing to sit down with me and discuss some new events in Tyria. Prophets have foretold that Monks, as we know them, will have to pick up armor, forgo their traditional cloth robes, and prepare to fight along side their Warrior brethren — the destruction that is to come to our land will need everyone to fight.

I have been in contact with Renowned Hero Mystical Sparkle, a monk who has been around the world. She has battled the Mursaat and stopped the Lich Lord’s plans of opening the Door of Komalie; beat down the Shiro’ken and defeated renegade guard Shiro Tagachi before he can kill Emperor Kisu; and finally delved deep into the unforgiving realm of the Depths of Madness to set Tyria free of the God of Secrets and War, Abaddon (some say she witnessed a new God arise from Abaddon’s fall). Like any well-rounded monk, Mystical Sparkle has tested her healing and protective powers in Guild versus Guild arenas (helping her guild reach top 40), holding the Hall of Heroes, competing in the Random Arenas and the now defunct Team Arenas and Hero Battles.

Hall of Monuments

After a week of sleeping in foreign beds (but great hospitality) and bearing the Shiverpeak’s worst weather, I finally caught up with the Monk at the Hall of Monuments — a place of magic and achievements from not only Mystical Sparkle but her comrades too. The beauty of the statues of loyal pets, spectacular miniatures, glamorous armor and weapons is breath taking. Rare items stand on pedestals that I have only heard stories about. Mystical Sparkle kindly offers me a seat near a crystal clear pool of water. The water is eerie but the only explanation Mystical offers is of “visions of the past”. Reluctantly, I skip asking her questions about the pool, I’m here to explain the prophets’ vision.

“I’m not worried,” claims Mystical Sparkle. “I’ve been through a lot and some extra armor will be great.”

Mystical is a either naive of what the future holds or confident in her abilities — it’s hard to tell. Either way, a smile runs across her face as she gets more into becoming a Guardian of Tyria.

“I’ve just want to help my Guild, my people and Tyria in general,” offeres a modest Mystical. “If this means I have to go back to the scrolls and learn some new tricks, fine.”

I explain to her what the Guardian entails. She would have to hang up her perfectly kept Obsidian armor and dawn some chain-mail and metal plates. After five long years of just using staves, wands and energy boosting spears and swords, she would have to learn how to use a mace and hammer. She would have to relearn how to use swords and shields in a fight, as it will be a key to her — and her Guild’s — survival. A Guardian will have to know the three virtues — Justice, Courage, and Resolve — and learn wards, symbols and how to summon spirit weapons.

“You don’t think I know this?” coughed Mystical. “I always see warriors run into battle without thinking. It’s about time I can run in there with them to save their sorry butts and take out a enemy or two.”

I stopped laughing as soon as I saw that Mystical Sparkle was serious.

“No joke, I’m glad I can get in there and do some damage. Protecting those numbskulls is second nature now.”

Mystical Sparkle relaxes and offers a more modest response.

“I’ve been a monk for 5 years and now Tyria needs Guardians because of some prophet’s vision. I’ll do what I need to do,” explains Mystical.

“Hanging up my Obsidian armor and Voltaic Spear will be tough, but I am obligated to stand with my Guild and Tyria to destroy any threat. Although the armor will be heaver than I’m use to, I’m ready.”

I can sense eagerness in her voice. She wants to start her Guardian training, however it will have to wait. The prophets has not disclosed all of the new professions that they will need; therefore, they have not stared training sessions (although there is a story being told of a Guardian already in existence).

“I’m stronger than you think,” said Mystical Sparkle as we get up to say our good-byes.

You certainly are, Mystical. I, for one, cannot handle the freezing temperatures of the Far Shiverpeaks and she has already defeated a God.


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  2. BarGamer says:

    A few typos, but all in all, a SWEET AWESOME story! Do you mind if I write a similar story, from a Ritualist’s perspective?

  3. Jeff Duff says:

    Yeah, I would love to read it!

  4. kyani says:

    Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn something like this before. So nice to seek out someone with some authentic ideas on this subject. realy thanks for starting this up. this web site is something that is wanted on the net, someone with just a little originality. helpful job for bringing something new to the web!

  5. Jeff Duff says:

    Holy crap! I’m sorry for taking so long to approve these comments. I did not know they where being categorized as spam. I was starting to feel like the story just had to many lore loop-holes in it 😉

    Again, I’m sorry. I do want to know what you think or read something that my work as encouraged you to do. 🙂 I’ll keep an eye on the spam box so this doesn’t happen again.

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