League of Legends: Jax

It’s been exactly a week since I posted my Fiddlesticks Guild for the MMO League of Legends. Let me tell you, I’m shocked with all the search engine attention it has been receiving. The post is actually on page 2 of a “League of Legends Fiddlesticks” search on Google. I want to thank every single one of you for clicking on a That Short Guy link. I’m always going to back to old posts and adding new information so check back often.


League of Legends Champion: Jax

For the latest free Champion rotation, I tried to use Annie; however, I wanted to play a tank Champion. A character that could dish out damage but stay in the thick of things. Unlike Annie and Fiddlesticks, Jax The Grandmaster at Arms can stay in the fight and take quiet a bit of damage before he has to vamoose.

Although he is not classified as a tank per se, but his unique passive ability, Counter-Strike, (click on the Jax link above to learn what his abilities can do) combined with Evasion and Nimbleness under Defense Masteries, he can really negate A LOT of damage. Read: it’s fun seeing dodge, dodge, dodge when minions and champions are trying to hit you.

Here is how I manage his skills:

Unlock his first three skills as soon as possible. Starting with Empower, when you begin, then Leap Strike at level two and Counter-Strike at level three. From there, boost up Leap Strike to it’s max; switching out to Empower whenever you can’t level Leap Strike. Make sure you gain his ultimate, Relentless Assault, at level six. Once Leap Strike is at level five, you can do one of two things. Boost up Empowered to kill minions and jungle better and leave Counter-Strike until end game (I use this method the most), or alternate between Empowered and Counter-Strike (this is great if you’re having a lot of team battles).

The main thing to realize is the stun from Counter-Strike when you active it. It’s a great escape skill and attack skill. By the end of the game you are swinging hard and fast (nearly two hits every second), that one second stun hurts unsuspecting Champions. If you end up in a sticky spot, that first dodge (and there will be many) can give you another second to get even further away from danger.

Empower is your farming skill. It doesn’t work on Towers, so use it against minions, neutral monsters and champions. Remember, it doesn’t add any more damage the target you hit; it just adds a bit of AoE to your attack.

Use Leap Strike to harass other champions. If you time it right, you can jump over walls with this skill, catching opposing Champions off guard. You can even use it to get away from enemy Champions since they would have to go around the wall you jumped over. A devastating combination is Leap Strike/Counter-Strike.

For Summoner Skills, I usually take Teleport (or Flash) and Exhaust. Another deadly combination is Leap Strike/Exhaust. Teleport will allow you to move around the map much faster.

The items, I find, that are required for Jax to be played to his fun potential are the Ninja Tabi boots, Frozen Mallet and Guinsoo’s Rageblade in that order. From there add what the situation calls for, but keep in mind Jax’s Equipment Mastery; each time he hits with an attack/ability he gains a percentage of the Attack Damage and Ability Power from items as health.

The boots will keep you from falling behind (or getting away from) enemy Champions, and the mallet will slow them down so you can beat on them even more. Leap Strike/Counter-Strike is even more nasty now.

Check Jax out, and add me in-game as FeartheGods if you have any questions. Happy LoLing!


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