Gail Grey: My roll model to become a CM

Gail Grey's Ranger

After joining the CORPG, Guild Wars, back in 2005 I was always impressed and influenced by Gail Grey, then the Community Relations Manager and now the Support Laison for ArenaNet.

Numerous people would flock to her location in-game to ask her questions about upcoming patches, new items and skill changes being introduced into the game. She also held events and contests for fans of the award winning online game.  She would even use her amphibious friend, the Frog,  (although she will deny it is her) to talk in riddles to keep gamers guessing on what could be added in the next update.

Times have changed. Now Regina Buenaobra (follow her on Twitter) holds the CM position and uses social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and a blog to engage Guild Wars (and ArenaNet) fans. I haven’t seen her in Guild Wars, however, that may be because I haven’t been online in the game for some time now. Mainly due to how old and repetitive the game has gotten. Been there, done that.

Becoming a Community Relations Manager is my goal. Mashable just posted 10 tips for aspiring CMs and I find myself falling short (pun intended) with my blog.

I understand how to use Facebook and Twitter among other social media tools. I just need to blog more. I need to push buttons more. Use words like “love” and “hate” to encourage people to comment. Well, I got one right now.

I would LOVE to be involved in Community Relations.


About Jeff Duff
Social Media Enthusiast, Community Manager Wannabe, builds things on the WWW to awe and amaze.

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