League of Legends: Fiddlesticks

OUTDATED: There have been patches since this guide was written, so items and abilities may not be the same in the game. Head over to ThatShortGuy.com for more recent guides.

League of Legends. Choose your Champion, Summoner.

Summon him, and with four other allied Champions destroy the other team’s Nexus on the Fields of Justice.

Last week’s Champion rotation included the character I had the most fun playing since joining the free DotA game (it could also be called an MMORPG).

The name of the game is simple.You have to kill the other team’s Nexus, which is at the back of their base and surrounded by towers (that hit hard) and other Champions that probably don’t like you beating on it.

Each Champion has a different set of abilities and can be built different ways through items. That’s the beauty of League of Legends, every Champion can be played differently (albeit there are still cookie-cutter builds).

You build your Champion through items in-game. It’s like the Counter-Strike buy menu where you can only purchase  in your base. You gain gold by killing enemy minions, neutral creatures and the opposing team’s Champions (which is where the big money is at)

My only pet peeve with this game would be how this screen works. A brand new player would not know what any of these items would do, so they would be sitting on the buy screen reading what-does-what while their team is getting beat on by all five of the ememy champions. Lucky enough, there are guides like this one around the web, also the League of Legends Wiki.

League of Ledgends Champion Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks is a great late game “carry”. Basically he’s not that strong in the early parts of the game, but can “carry” the team near the end of it.

Before we get to far, Fiddlesticks’ abilities:

Dread: His innate ability to reduce all nearby enemy Champions’ magic resistance (or MR) by 10. If you play him like I do; this is only the beginning.

Terrify: Fiddlesticks strikes an enemy with Fear for 1-3 seconds. Fear was a new concept for me; it will make the target run away from you. It also seem to make the enemy run slower (please confirm).

Drain: Damages a target while healing Fiddlesticks. I believe that ability power items affects the damage dealt much more than the health gain; however, they both can be increased.  This ability also has a range and you can’t move while this skill is activated so be ready to be really close to your target, or even behind it.

Dark Wind: Fiddlesticks throws a crow  at a target and bounces 2 -10 times between enemies nearby causing damage and silence. It can hit the same target more than once and the silence stacks up, so try to aim close to enemy Champions.

Crowstorm: His ultimate. Unleashed at level six; Fiddlesticks concentrates for two seconds (a little annoying) to teleport to target location and unleash a murder of crows. Aim for a crowd or if you see a team battle coming. Defiantly need a stun or to slow the target down or they will simply run out of it.

He can keep  a lane under control, by himself,  in the early and middle part of the game by farming minions with Dark Wind and harass other champions with Terrify/Drain. This technique seems to work out for me, since I turtle by my first tower and try to level up as fast as I can.

This is how I like to configure The Harbinger of Doom:

I start of with Dark Wind and a Doran’s Ring. Extra ability power and mana regen. Hell yes! Perfect item for any caster.

Then I alternate between Drain and Dark Wind until level 6, where you always unlock the Champion’s Ultimate ability (the very strong last ability on each character), Crowstorm. Sometimes I will switch out to Terrify early on if I’m with another Champion in a lane so I can stop enemy Champions from running away (I believe when a champion is feared, he will charge into battle which makes no sense but that what it seems to do. Correct me if I’m wrong).

Something like this:

Level: Ability

Summoner's Rift (5v5 map)

1: Dark Wind
2: Drain
3: Dark Wind
4: Drain
5: Dark Wind/Terrify (take your pick, can you kill someone with a Terrify/Drain?)
6: Crowstorm (always level up your ultimate when you can)
7: Drain
8: Terrify (start getting Terrify now if you haven’t already, start keeping those champions from running)
9: Dark Wind
10: Drain
11: Crowstorm
12: Terrify
13: Terrify/Dark Wind (if you didn’t get Terrify at level 5, boost it up now to a 2 second fear)
14: Dark Wind
15: Drain
16: Crowstorm
17-18: Terrify

As for items, I usually go for the Abyssal Scepter, and a Void Staff. Reduce enemy Champions’ magic resistance and Fiddlesticks is HUGE damage. For my Summoner Spells, I usually take Exhaust/Ghost and Teleport. Crowstorm/Ghost or Crowstorm/Exhaust is lethal.

Overall, Fiddlesticks wants team fights or at least come in for the gank. Crowstorm/Fear/Drain a champion pretty much means they are going to die.  Try not to engage a fight alone since Fiddlesticks has really low health and a main target if you’re racking up the kills.

Another tip, since Dark Wind silences on every hit, you can aim at a minion that is close to an enemy champion and end up bouncing it between the two. If it does, it results in a very satisfying silence.

Hopefully this encourages more to look into League of Legends. It’s free. 🙂

Of course, if anyone has any tip and tricks or thinks something is wrong in this post, please leave a comment.

If you like these tips and tricks, you may like my League of Legends Jax guide.


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  2. Daron Spates says:

    Uncovered your blog via msn the other day and absolutely adore it. Carry on the excellent work.

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  4. powerdarnell says:

    I only do 1 point of Dark wind early on in my Fiddlesticks build. Its really great at 1 point now. I like to get my fear maxed out pretty early since it last 3 secs! OP!

  5. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog?
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  6. How to kill dragon with fiddlesticks ?

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