YouTube Creeping

I love YouTube. YouTube makes me laugh. I love to laugh.

YouTube creeping for crazy, weird, unique, inspiring videos is fun to do a few days a week, but I did not think of sharing the videos I come across. I posted three videos on my Facebook page, last week, and was glad to see people enjoyed them too. I thought I would share the next batch of my findings with a broader audience (ha!), and post them on my blog.

My searching techniques are rather newbie; I’m just using the Rising Videos collection and, from there,  my recommendations. Feel free to comment on how you find interesting videos. I find the rest of the categories are flooded with commercial music videos or videos that have been around the Internet twice already. I am, most defiantly, not saying the videos are bad. There are some good productions that leak through. The little guys, or the ones not found, are just more into it. Posting videos for the love of doing what they do.

Those are the videos I try to find. The following are a few of my findings this creeping:

The Joke

Here is a holiday joke that is sure to be told at the many Christmas parties this time of year. OK, maybe not in-front of the kids but while they’re snug in their beds dreaming of sugarplums and candy canes. Of course putting the joke into a flash cartoon just makes it that much better to be watched. Something to be sent in your next holiday email, maybe.

The Parody

We talked, in our Social Media class, about corporations having to allow their products to be manipulated to survive in this new world of Web 2.0. The public, with or without the company’s consent, will reinvent their product to do different things. Doing a parody of a song is all in good fun, in my personal opinion, and it creates some new hype about the original song. Interestingly, I find most parodies of songs on YouTube end up being about YouTube.

Well, that’s my creeping for one night. It’s true creeping when you do it at 5 a.m. Hope you enjoy 🙂


About Jeff Duff
Social Media Enthusiast, Community Manager Wannabe, builds things on the WWW to awe and amaze.

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