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Round 3: #TigerBloodIntern Video

Yours truly has made to into Round 3 for Charlie Sheen’s #TigerBloodIntern.

Round 1 was simple. Just had to enter in my name, email and why I was #winning. I put in something like: “I’ve fallen in love with social media. You need someone with #TigerBlood in them. Let me go on the social prowl for you.” Paraphrased, of course, as I just woke up at the time of writing (how dedicated am I?) and it has been awhile since I first applied. It went something like that anyway.

Round 2 was a resume. I told the intern-pickers from (and even Charlie if he is looking at them) that I attend Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning in Toronto for the Advanced Public Relations Diploma. In that course my class has taken on the Student Appreciation Awards. I’m the one who built the website and integrated the Twitter and Facebook fan page (which I monitored constantly). We have over 60 quality nominations at the time of writing. That’s more than any previous year thanks to having an online nominations form and social media.

Now it’s on to Round 3. From what I’ve read on Twitter, only 250 made it this far out of 82,000. It’s a really big deal, there are people getting featured on the newsNow I need YOUR help. The video is judged on content and potential of community engagement. In other words get, you, my lovely readers; followers and family to get behind me and share, like and retweet my video. Help me go on a crazy (yet fun!) job opportunity with the Warlock, just “like” my video and get me 10,000 views!

Tell me what you think of the video in the comments! Click here to “like” this video on YouTube! If you’re a journalist or just have a question about this process please feel free to email me at [snip]

Getting into the PR Biz

I’ve been searching for a new job recently and none of the retailers in my area are hiring at the moment. At one point when I was handing in a resume to an employee at EB Games (for the millionth time) I tried to push for an interview. I told the manager that I plan on getting into the Public Relations department after receiving my diploma in another year; meaning I intend to stay with EB Games for as long as possible. He didn’t seem to impressed, in fact he told me to not even bother applying. He said to me to just try for the head office anyway. Was he trying to just brush me off? EB Games is probably based in the United States, so not something I can do when I still have school. Whatever his intentions were, it got me thinking of PR related jobs instead of retail (which I enjoy, but not what I want to do forever). Read more of this post

Traveling Journalist: A Monk to Guardian story

Mystical Sparkle is ready to become a Guardian of Tyria

LION’S ARCH — The cold wind of the Far Shiverpeaks pierce my charr pelt, I’m not meant for this frigid weather. Mountains to the left and right; you get a sense of claustrophobia — it seems like the mountains are always getting closer and closer. Only the brave venture this far north (this journalist was lucky to hitch a ride with some traveling heroes), the path is laced with Ice Imps, Tengu and Snow Wurms (just to name a few) that will attack without thought or reason. The bitter cold chills my bones but I travel this far north to talk to a Monk that is willing to sit down with me and discuss some new events in Tyria. Prophets have foretold that Monks, as we know them, will have to pick up armor, forgo their traditional cloth robes, and prepare to fight along side their Warrior brethren — the destruction that is to come to our land will need everyone to fight. Read more of this post

Top 5 Call of Duty: Black Ops Opinions

Call of Duty: Black Ops has been out for a little over two months now and I haven’t given my opinion on the game. I’d like to end that. I’ve found my home in Hardcore Free-For-All and the game-play opinions are based around that game-mode. Free-For-All in Black Ops is just really fun since you don’t have  worry about team mates — whatever moves, shoot it. The game-mode really improves your reflexes since hip-firing is common too. I like the fact that I can run around and shoot and not sit behind a box for half the game. (Don’t get me started on campers in Hardcore Free-For-All).

Anyway, without further ado, my take on Call of Duty: Black Ops Read more of this post

How ThatShortGuy did in 2010

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads This blog is doing awesome!.

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A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 3,600 times in 2010. That’s about 9 full 747s.


In 2010, there were 17 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 30 posts. There were 10 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 478kb. That’s about a picture per month.

The busiest day of the year was November 11th with 62 views. The most popular post that day was League of Legends: Fiddlesticks.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for league of legends map, fiddlesticks league of legends, league of legends fiddlesticks, summoner’s rift map, and league of legends maps.

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These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


League of Legends: Fiddlesticks August 2010
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YouTube Creeping December 2009


League of Legends: Jax August 2010
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Top 3 Reasons Why You SHOULD Play Video Games November 2010


Gail Grey: My roll model to become a CM August 2010

Loot Lady Sells More than Just Toys

By Lorna Luguya and Jeff Duff
Oringally written for the Lakeshore Villages Newspaper

Standing out from the typical brown brick buildings that line Lakeshore, the bright white store catches your eye. The Loot Lady has a sense of innocence and magic as you enter the store.

The Loot Lady is a family business owned by Carol and Bob Cusson; they opened the shop in 2000 and moved to their current location in 2008.

The Loot Lady began working with charities when Sick Kids Hospital approached the business to donate items for its Treasure Box toy fundraiser. Another charity The Loot Lady supports is Uncle Neil’s Toy Mountain.

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